How to Make a Delicious No-fuss Meal in Minutes.

Something for people who loves simplicity! #nofusscooking

Steamed basmati rice is served in a bed of creamy red lentil sauce which is dancing in harmony with a tomato, cucumber, onion & coriander salsa.

This delicious #onepot

protein-rich & fibre-packed creamy red lentil meal takes almost no time to prepare & can be ready in minutes.

As shown in the Video, all you need is a cup of red lentils (washed & rinsed), some coconut cream or reduced fat coconut milk (if you want to make it leaner)

2Tbsp of curry powder & some water.

For the Salsa.

Simply season some chopped tomato, pepper, onion, cilantro & radish with lime & salt & let your taste buds dance.

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