Crunch Wrap Supreme by SoVegan

We made it and loved every bite of it.

Loved the taste and mouthfeel of its lovely crunched exterior and oozing cheesy interior.

Our Review & Tips:

We do believe, this is a very well put and simplified recipe which tastes amazing and is very easy to put together once you have your ingredients ready. Hats off the guys in SOVEGAN.

Agreed as a group, as recent flexitarians, we would try to make it a bit more meat like-tasty and less "Legumey". Perhaps some finely chopped Shiitake Mushrooms (about 100g) into the black beans along with a tiny bit of Wheat Gluten Flour (about 10g ) before adding in the tomato and other ingredients would result in a more meaty texture (FYI, seasoning needs adjusting if changes are made to the recipe). We believe such an extension on this recipe might massively enhance the flavour profile of the dish.

Once again thanks to SOVEGAN for such a brilliant idea and for such a simple yet delicious meal.

Full Recipe!

Full recipe available in SOVEGAN website. We have tried the recipe with Violife vegan mozzarella flavoured cheese and we must say, It tasted a lot like non vegan recipe.

#lovesovegan #CrunchWrap

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